System & Network Solutions Because we believe IT Should be hassle-free
System & Network Solutions Because we believe ITShould be hassle-free

Why is my wireless so slow? Do I have adequate coverage throughout my home?

Wireless networking is great for anyone that hates wires and clutter, and loves the freedom of roaming your home or business while you work on your laptop or mobile devices. Unfortunately it can quickly turn to frustration when it doesn’t work as expected.


Resolving wireless issues can be tricky because many factors can be contributing to the problem. The average user is directed to buy wireless routers based on the advertised speed. Before you spend money on equipment, consider the following things:

  • Which router should you buy? In our experience, brands do matter, but every few years things can change. As new models and new technologies come out, brands that were the top of the heap 3 years ago, may end up being only mediocre performers, and vice versa. We can advise you on what brands are providing best value and performance.
  • Will one router provide enough coverage for your entire house, or will we need repeaters or multiple access points?
  • What is the best strategy for extending coverage based on your location’s particular limitations? Do you have 3 or 4 floors? A large basement? Thick cement or stone walls?
  • Is your provider modem located centrally in the house, or is off to the side or in the basement?
  • Is the primary purpose streaming video, or just browsing the internet? Will multiple people be streaming video at the same time?

Once all these things have been considered, we can purchase the right wireless equipment and configure your wireless network properly. You can go from frustration to enjoyment and freedom in one visit.

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