System & Network Solutions Because we believe IT Should be hassle-free
System & Network Solutions Because we believe ITShould be hassle-free

What if my business needs remote connectivity? What is the advantage?

A remotely accessible network and email allow a business to become more flexible and mobile. Users are able to access email, data stores, and their own workstations from anywhere. This unchains your employees from their desk and allows them do work safely and securely from anywhere. Your employees become more productive and it allow you to become a more flexible employer by allowing employees to telecommute.

There are a few things to consider when implementing a remote access solution. An office where most employees have laptops, might require a different solution than an office where employees have their own workstations. If multiple employees share the same workstations and have their profiles stored on a server, third party software may be required to provide everyone access to their content.

Consider the following:

  • Which employees need access to network resources?
  • What services or programs do employees need access to currently, and what will they need in the future?
  • Is my current remote access solution secure and the data transmitted securely?
  • How many users will require remote access, and how will that impact network resources?

If the uptime of your business is a cruicial factor, remote network management is an easy way to allow IT staff to troubleshoot problems when not on site.



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